Essay about A Short Day Of Work At The Hospital

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To be a neonatal nurse and in all nursing education programs, you must take courses in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition and psychology.
BSN programs typically take 4 years to complete; ADN and diploma programs usually take two to three years to complete. All programs also include supervised clinical experience.
Bachelor 's degree programs usually include additional education in the physical and social sciences, communication, leadership and critical thinking. These programs also offer more clinical experiences in hospital settings.

Every day for a nurse is different, no day is the same. Some days are super crazy and some days are super slow. I learned the crazy things that you see on tv, or in movies are true and not just made up. The nurse that I interviewed told me a story about the most memorable day of work at the hospital. And it was about a couple that came into the ER the wife was pregnant about 6 months and claimed that she was having painful contractions and her water broke and she was bleeding out blood instead of water. This was no good sign the nurses rushed her into a room and ripped her clothes off and checked to see if her cervix was dilated. Now the properly dilated cervix is 10 centimeters, having enough space for the baby to be pushed out of. Her cervix was only 4 centimeters dilated. The doctor was going to be forced to speed up this

the process by inducing her labor. With a hormone drip which contains Syntocinon,…

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