A Short Book And Going Throw All The Changes And Learning Experience With The Writer Colin Beavan

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I really enjoyed reading this book and going throw all the changes and learning experience with the writer Colin Beavan. It really made me aware how much trashes each one of us consuming and on top of everything else how much trash is being disbursed in a fast food restaurants. After reading how Colin transforms to use reusable bags and uses bottles for dairy products it brought back memories from my childhood. The whole family transform within a year they went from eating out almost every night to learning how to cook, Mr. Beavan even learned to make his own bread I was very impressed by it, it is very time consuming processed and it is not easy to learn, to giving up TV, car and elevator.
Before reading this book and before this class I really did not realized how much garbage being collected on a regular basis. Every so often I go to McDonalds for my cup of coffee (I use my cup now) it made me aware that no matter how often employee empty the trash it immediately get filled. I cook at home but we do accumulate garbage, I decided to empty and see why do we have so much garbage, I came to realized that I buy a lot of frozen vegetables that come in the packages. Actually, majority of my products come in the box or a bag. Now, I’m more aware of it, it is not an easy change and it is time consuming, nonetheless I attempt buying fresh products and use frozen vegetables as an alternative. Therefore our garbage consumption has been reduced.
When Colin spoke about…

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