A Setting Goals Of The And The Massachusetts Division Of Adult Community Corrections

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a. Setting Goals
1. Relieving Mistakes
For me to obtain the drugs that I wanted I had to lie, cheat, and steal my way through life because it was impossible for me to retain any sort of employment; therefore, my criminal record is a direct reflection of the acts that I committed. Ranging from driving with a suspended license to theft and forgery my criminal history displays how I allowed the drug to overtake my life, and subsequently leave me with a criminal record that has prevented me from obtaining employment that would allow me to achieve the quality of life that I owe to my family. So, I applied for a Governor’s Pardon, and the Maine Division of Adult Community Corrections gave me a list of goals that I had to accomplish in order to obtain the pardon. The plan included: forty-eight months of Substance Abuse Counselling with random drug testing, complete 100 hours of volunteer work in my community, maintain academic or employment status for a minimum of forty months, and pay a $5,000 fee. All of these goals will have to be accomplished by April 14, 2016. I have already completed most of the goals that were set before me, and if it were not for the time requirements of some of these goals I would have already completed all of them. I did not complete these tasks in the ideal situation; however, looking back I realize that by not having the ideal situation I would not have been forced to become as strong as I am today. The ideal situation for me to have accomplished…

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