Essay on A Service Facilitator Of Lucy Hill Services

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On Tuesday July 7, 2015, at approximately 3:01 PM, Kiana Beekman, (MFCU Investigator) (Beekman) received a call on the state office telephone from HILL, Lucy (Service Facilitator of Lucy Hill Services (LHS). During the conversation, Beekman asked HILL to clarify her role and responsibilities as a service facilitator, in addition to the role and responsibilities of HARRIS, LaFrance as the Employer of Records (EOR) for Medicaid Recipient DANIEL, Rose and MCGHEE, Inocencia as DANIEL’s aide. She was also asked to provide any documentation of training on timesheet submission and approvals that she provided HARRIS and MCGHEE under the Department of Medicaid Services (DMAS) Consumer-Directed care aide program. As a service facilitator, HILL’s was responsible for setting up a meeting with HARRIS and MCGHEE, and completing an enrollment package for DANIEL to begin receiving home care services. HILL’s initial meeting took place at HARRIS’s residence,1003 Glenwood Station in Charlottesville Virginia. During the meeting, HILL explained how the consumer-directed care program worked, and HARRIS was designated as the EOR and MCGHEE was designated as DANIEL’s care aide. Both HARRIS and MCGHEE’s personal information including social security numbers, birth dates and signatures were documented on DANIEL’s enrollment forms. HILL told HARRIS and MCGHEE that DANIEL could receive a maximum of six attendant hours a day, and any additional hours that exceeded six were considered “respite…

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