A Serious Proposal For The Ladies Essay

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Mary Astell, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton off the bat these commendable woman have one thing in common: wanting equality for woman. Although they each were in different time periods, still they endured unfair treatment as women and wanted change. Change that caused movement and change that made significant differences and in fact unfolded the beginning chapter of feminism.
To begin with, Mary Astell advocacy was focused on providing women with equal educational opportunities while serving God. In "A Serious Proposal to the Ladies", Astell proposal was to develop a community in which women could educate themselves even as they pursued the "blessings" of friendship. Astell wanted to free women from what the system restricted them to learn. Astell 's "A Serious Proposal to the Ladies" opens with "...therefore ladies, invited into a place, where you shall suffer no other confinement, but to kept out of the road of sin...” indicating this place will help to keep women from sin and allow them to grow in knowledge and in holiness. This "retreat" would be a new society for women to be free from sin and return to the world as better mothers and wives. She believed that if women were increasingly wise they would have better purpose as a Protestant and contribution to society. Her style of writing this proposal was well elaborated as she emphasized the moral benefits of what amount to a Protestant convent, on women 's natural equality with men. In addition, her…

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