George Orwell Influence

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A Series of Unfortunate Events: What Inspired Orwell to Write 1984 Imagine living in a world where “war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength,” (Orwell 16) and the future is described as “a boot stamping on a human face – forever” (Orwell 267). The 1900’s was a period that was plagued by constant warfare, and it was ruled by some of the most ruthless men in history. Dictators, like Joseph Stalin, Francisco Franco, and Adolf Hitler are among the notable totalitarian leaders of this era. All of these men struck fear into the hearts of the people they conquered, were worshiped by their followers, and suppressed the rights of individuals in their countries. This era of oppressive rule led several brave and inspired individuals …show more content…
For most of his life Orwell lived in London, and this is paralleled to the fact that the setting in the novel is based in London. In Novels for Students, they described that later on in life Orwell contracted tuberculosis while he was writing this novel, and he purchased a house in Scotland to be able to get away and relax when the illness became severe (“1984” 234). This is similar to how Julia and Winston use Mr. Charrington’s house as an escape from society so that they can hang out with each other (Orwell 137). The connection that is revealed is that both people found a place in the world where they could escape from reality and be themselves. In addition, the room is symbolic to Orwell’s life in the sense that his house was isolated from civilization, similarly to how Mr. Charrington’s room was quite a distance from the houses of the Inner Party leaders. The fact that Orwell contracted tuberculosis during the latter part of the novel is why it takes on a darker and decrepit tone (Fromm 316). This is paralleled to the fact that Winston is tortured in the Ministry of Love, and he comes out reformed and Oceania’s ideal citizen (Orwell 241). Furthermore, is that Orwell was not only influenced by the places he went, but he was impacted by the roots of his families

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