A Separation Of Powers Essay

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Having a separation of powers only redoubles the time it take to resolve issues that are needed to be solved urgently. For example: with three branches withholding almost all power of decisive means for the American people; passing important laws, bills, and making decisions that involve new changes for the people are reviewed over extensively and over-excessively, leading to an unneeded delay over all decisions. The Judicial review is the leading conflicting government power in which the Judicial branch controls that causes an excessive delay over decisions, throughout history it is shown that a separation of powers always leads to an excessive delay in a conflict. It is prominently shown in the War in Afghanistan, the Vietnam War, and the Civil War.
The War in Afghanistan is a key example of how the US system of checks and balances result in a delay over decisions that can be resolved very easily. With over, “140,000 U.S. troops present in the country, in 2010, during the surge begun at President Obama’s behest” (War In Afghanistan 2), Obama promised to withdraw all troops and end the war. Despite his plan the Judicial branch allowed only 90% (War In Afghanistan 2) to come home over Obama’s 8 years in office. With the Judicial having the final say within the checks and balancing system, “The root of the problem is the abuse of the power of judicial review” (Kesler 1). The executive branch can only do so much,
“Compromise can be extremely time consuming. It does not have…

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