Essay about A Separate Peace By John Knowles

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In the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles, Phineas, who is commonly referred to as Finny, takes on the role of a light character. Thus, Finny is portrayed to be lighthearted and kind to almost everyone, even if they arguably do not deserve it. However, Finny’s lack of ability to be skeptical eventually leads to his downfall. Throughout the novel, Finny denies various painful truths, such as Gene’s betrayal and the war, and focuses on enjoyment rather than competition because it is too difficult for him to confront reality and betray his facade of peace and happiness. When Finny tumbled out of the tree, after Gene jostled the branch, he was unable to accept the truth that Gene pushed him out of the tree, as it was too painful for him. Even after Gene travels to Finny’s house and exclaimed that he had jostled the branch, Finny still could not believe that Gene, whom he thought was his best friend, could do this. Finny vehemently denied Gene’s claim, even going as far to command him to “Sit down, you damn fool” (Knowles 62). Eventually, during the mock trial at Devon, Finny bursts out of the room in a blind rage after realizing that there was no longer a possible method for him to bury the facts. During this blind rage, Finny tumbles down the stairs and is injured again. Even after he sustained the injury from falling down the stairs, he continued to act without a clear head around Gene. When Gene went to visit Finny in the infirmary, Finny lashed out and…

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