A Senior Official Essay

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Being a senior official has both been fun and tiresome. Other than being involved in official activities in the Pakistani government, I have taken part in bizarre events within the same category. In one instance, I have participated in a project that involved supervising the dissemination of family planning information in Pakistan. According to the records from collected studies, only a small percentage of men practiced family planning. Part of the project was to engage men extensively to adopt family planning. Imagine the challenge! I was the Project Director of the committee that would be used to set the targets for the motivational campaigns for men. Knowing myself, if anyone had tried to convince me to get a vasectomy, I would probably turn it down. However, I had to adjust to the uncomfortable situation since I also had to come up with ways and means that would arouse the desire for men to take up family planning. Realizing religious dogmas the substantial barrier to men’s acceptance, I replicated the unique Bangladeshi model of involving religious students to support Family Planning impliedly in their Friday sermons and succeeded in raising the contraceptive prevalence rate. Other than that, I have been involved in more official business such as representing the department in standing committees of the provincial assembly, training staff, running inquiries that discourage corrupt practices to mention a few. I am interested in joining law school. In my experience as a…

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