Essay on A Seminar Ticket At The Classroom For The Seminar

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Students will complete a seminar ticket prior to entering the classroom for the seminar. The seminar ticket consists of 3 questions that students need to answer based on the text and I will be checking off the tickets as students are arriving into the class. This ticket lets me know that the students read the text prior to entering the classroom and has some recollection of the question they have about the text and their own opinions and values on the text itself. The ticket also lets me know as the teacher that the students have come prepared and can start the seminar right away. If a student does not have a ticket prior to entering the class, they will not be able to participate in the discussion.
Formative (informal) assessment- After 30 minutes give or take, the students will complete a foldable about the seminar so far. The foldable would consist of the students folding a sheet of paper with the corners meeting in the middle. In each of the four sections the students will write down 4 major decisions they had to make in their life that they had a hard time drawing a conclusion to and what did they do to come to that decision. This will help students analyze past experiences they have made and the hardships they had to conclude to, to make that decision, similar to what the old man and old woman came to.
Summative (formal) Assessment- After the class has had a chance to share what was on their foldable, they will complete the summative assessment. The summative…

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