A Seminar At Mit. Freshman Seminar Essay

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This first semester, I was enrolled in a Freshman Seminar as part of my fall semester classes at MIT. Freshman Seminars are designed to be an alternative to the traditional advising in which an advisor would have one on one meetings with the student. Freshman Seminars replaces this traditional meeting by having students meet together in a “seminar” style learning two hours each week. There are numerous subjects offered by each Freshman Seminar from politics to philosophy to engineering. I chose a Freshman Seminar in which students would come away at the end of the semester with a homemade and working speaker. Our first project in the seminar was to create a “baseline” speaker in a team of five. The purpose of the baseline speaker was to introduce us to the fundamentals of assembling a speaker and how to operate a laser cutter or 3-D printer to create our components.

In high school, I absolutely despised working in “teams,” because it would almost always result in the same dynamics. One student would take over the entire project, one student would not contribute anything, and one student would be confused for the entire project. I had hoped that I would not face the same situation here at MIT. Regardless, the most important thing that I have learned working in teams throughout my high school career and at the beginning of my college career is to expect the unexpected and to forge on regardless of obstacles. Almost immediately after we were assigned our teams of five to work…

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