A Semantic Analysis Of Five Kate Chopin's Isolated House

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It could be argued that the pain she felt in her heart came from the unhappiness she felt in her marriage. Louise’s sister and her husband’s friend told that her husband had died. She cried for the loss of her husband. Upset and not wanting to display all of her emotions she rushed upstairs. While Louise was upstairs she starts to stare out the window. She comes to the realization that with her husband gone she is free. “When Louise hears the report, she cries and goes to her room to be alone, behavior certainly expected of a new widow. Then she realizes she has a newfound freedom.” (Mayer, A Matter of Behavior: A Semantic Analysis of Five Kate Chopin Stories, Proquest) She can live how she wants without the influence of a man. She keeps her feelings to herself. Her sister and a friend of her husband is still down stairs. She can’t let anyone know how she is feeling because of society’s expectations of women. Women are supposed to be weak, and conforming. Society conformed to the idea that women were meant to serve their husbands. That is where she had been told her place in life was. However with her husband gone she no longer had to be that kind of person. “Chopin’s desire to transform her protagonist woman with a “dull stare in her eyes” to one with “a feverish triumph in her eyes” a woman who carries “herself unwittingly like a goddess of victory” required a force of exceptional intensity.” ( Deneau, Chopin’s Story of an Hour, Academic Search Complete) When she is pulled out of her visions of freedom by her sister. ”“Go away. I am not making myself ill.” No; she was drinking in the very elixir of life though that open window.” (Kate Chopin 550) She is heading down the stairs when her husband comes through the door. She drops dead almost instantly. Her heart condition killed her. She was hopeful for her future full of freedom. However she dies when she realizes she would no longer have the same life she envisioned

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