A Security Expert For A Large Insurance Company Essay

720 Words Oct 16th, 2015 3 Pages
Information security has been a problem in technology. Information confidentiality, privacy, threats, expansion and increased use of information system and other related matters have prompted organizations to start protecting their systems to ensure electronic, physical and network information security. To ensure information security, a review of the organization’s network, information systems and policies by security experts. In this coursework, I will be a security expert for a large insurance company. My job here is to assess the company, revise and reproduce the security policies, identify the risks threats and vulnerabilities, monitor and offer recommendations to ensure protection of company’s network and assets.
With the widespread of computer networks and the increasing number of threats, privacy issues, expansion in use of distributed systems etc. information security is now a neccessity for all organization. This has alerted businesses globally to take measures in ensuring the protection of their information and other assets.
While most security measures focus on the external threats from hackers and malicious software, internal threats account for twice the impact of loss as external threats. These internal threats could be deletion of core organizational files and other files related to clients. But mostly internal threats are caused by poor access control such as a staff sharing password with another, thus granting an unauthorized level of…

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