A School Where Rules Govern The Populace Essay

1005 Words Apr 22nd, 2015 5 Pages
A school where rules govern the populace. Where there is no favoritism, freedom, or falling behind. A school that is so strict and structured, it can only be the school that excels in grades, fitness, and scores. This is the Perfect Academy. This school is stationed in the heart of the capital of China, Beijing. The year is 2023, and the government has strengthened up since the recessions and riots that prolonged it’s growth in the early 2000’s. With a stricter communist government, yet an equilibrium in the social workforce, the country thrives. One of the sole reasons for the acceleration is the education system. Once the country converted to a much more governed policy, one proposal was to establish an education system to feed the new generations of a new established country. The school itself is mandatory, as most schools would be in other parts of the world, had to be changed to ensure that it would continue its strength throughout the decades, and but the attendance rules are much like a prison sentence than an average teenage school. If you do not participate in school, you face extreme punishments. The only way to avoid infractions is if you have a specifically signed letter from the Head of Medicine in the city. Only then, may you evade school, but this doesn’t mean you can sit home, relax, and replenish your strength in the case that you are actually too clinically-ill to go to school. You will have your work assigned to you, and shipped to you, and intended to…

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