A Scene: Its Sunday The 23th Days Before Christmas?

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Scene 1
Scene: its Sunday the 23th days before Christmas. The curtain rises on a living room, to the left of the room is the believed hallway to the bedroom, and to the right is the door outside. There is a couch to the center left, with a coffee table. The room is sprinkled with Christmas decorations. A missile town hangs from the ceiling. In the right corner lies a Christmas tree. It’s filled with bright red and green balls, colorful lights, plenty of ornaments, and a beautiful silver star on the top. The setting is in an apartment, two bedroom, and one bath.

Beth [Offstage]: Kyle, we are leaving for church in twenty minutes.
[Beth walks into the living room, she is wearing a Christmas dress, but her winter coat covers most of it]
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[Kyle runs back into the room]
Kyle: Don’t be so loud, you may wake up-
Beth: Its Christmas Sunday.
Arthur: So?
Beth: I just found an email from the church saying that on Christmas Sunday there is only one service at 8:00 am.
Arthur: What time is it? Can we still make it?
Beth: Its 10:00
[Beth walks over to the couch and sits down]
Kyle: Its ok I didn’t want to go that bad any way.
Beth: But I wanted to go. It was going to be the beginning. I was going to go every week, starting today. I would go just like we used to. Just like my Mom and I used to.
[The room is filled with an uneasy silence]
Kyle: Hey Beth.
Beth: What.
Kyle: Do you remember that Spanish place I took you, for our one year anniversary?
Beth: Amadas?
Kyle: Yea.
Beth: What about it?
Kyle: We can have a quick breakfast before we leave. Then how about we take a day trip down to Philadelphia? That will give Arthur more time to adjust to the Christmas spirit.
Beth: That would be perfect. We can see the Macy’s Christmas lights, Go ice skating, See the Christmas village, and the window displays. OH OH OH! Maybe we can even catch a mass around
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We can leave in one hour, have some time for sightseeing, and be ready by two.
[Kyle takes down the mistletoe, and puts it over his head]
Kyle: How about a kiss for out Christmas Savior.
Beth: Jesus doesn’t need any kisses. As for you, go get ready, and we will see how I’m feeling. Want me to wait for you to make Breakfast?
Kyle: Yep, we can cook together, like back in college.
[Kyle leaves into the hallway to get ready for the day. Beth watches him leave, and then precedes to hang up her coat. She then sits back down on the couch and shrieks about her upcoming day in Philadelphia. Arthur Enters]
Arthur: Good god, what happened here?
[Beth shoots up, and puts her back against the Christmas tree]
Beth: Arthur, you are awake.
Arthur. Yes I am awake, I heard constant yelling for the past ten minutes, rather than sit in bed I thought to investigate. Were you shrieking by the horror done to our apartment?
Beth: Actually, I created the horror-
[Arthur walks over the drops the mistletoe in the trash.]
Arthur: YOU! How dare you do something like this! Take them all down now, or I will.
Beth: No, I live here too and can do what I want to the apartment. I PAY RENT!
Arthur: You don’t pay as much rent as me! I pay the most out of any of us. I control what goes on in this

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