A Scanner Darkly By Philip K. Dick Essay

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The Hidden Message Imagine having two separate and opposite personalities harboring one body and competing for control; soon a civil war with parts of the mind on opposing sides will erupt and it will not be long before anyone would go utterly mad. This fate is waiting for all those who use a drug by the name of Substance D. Philip K. Dick -a highly regarded science fiction writer who is said to be one of the greatest of his time (Metzger and Straub 88) brought this idea to life in his novel A Scanner Darkly. By referencing his first-hand experience with narcotics, Dick was able to accurately illustrate the mind of a substance abuser and portray the potentially harmful effects drugs may have on the brain; however, his novel contradicts society’s views on narcotics at the time when it was written. Drugs had a huge impact on Philip K. Dick’s adult life, however in his younger days, Dick was free from their influence. On December 16, 1928, Philip K. Dick was brought into this world along his twin sister, Jane. Unfortunately, Jane died six weeks later. Later on in his life, the “phantom twin” would appear in some of Dick’s works (“Philip K Dick- Biography”). Dick experienced even more hardship when his parents got divorced when Dick was a young boy. In 1940 Dick was given some good fortune when he came across Stirring Science Stories then his love of science fiction began (“Philip K Dick- Biography”). Later on in 1951, Dick career as a science fiction author began when he…

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