A Rural Hill Essay

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On a rural hill, about one hundred miles west of Lexington and sixty miles south of Louisville, a baby was born at daybreak to a struggling Kentucky family. In only a few years after that cold February morning, the state that this child first called home raised and sent troops south to participate in a conflict nationalistically proclaimed as the "Second War for Independence.” The war with British troops and hostile natives that began in 1812 laid the groundwork for a new generation of Americans and served as an epochal launch for the young country. To measure the significance of this outcome one can assess the political careers that were cast for its heroes and, more consequently, the power structure of spoils men, landed aristocrats, speculators, young manufacturers and expansionists that formed a coalition and dominated the political landscape well into the mid-nineteenth century. However, as war was waged on the Great Lakes, in the Chesapeake, and in New Orleans in those fateful years between 1812 and 1815, the toddler’s family found themselves beset by market forces as well as legal claims to the land; both common to the era. Forced to move, the Lincolns relocated within Kentucky and eventually settled in Indiana, a state absent of slavery. North of the Ohio River, Abraham Lincoln turned eight and undoubtedly it was here that he continued to develop views to how the world worked. As an early adult, these views naturally evolved in complexity and,…

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