Essay about A Rose For Emily Vs. Battle Royal

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Comparison: A Rose for Emily vs. Battle Royal
“A Rose for Emily” was written by William Faulkner in 1931, while “Battle Royal” was written by Ralph Ellison in 1947. While both stories belong to the same era both authors have different point of view due to their history. Faulkner was born in Mississippi while Ellison was born in Oklahoma. Faulkner lived in the South all his live. His family lost its influence and wealth after the Civil war. For this reason, Faulkner’s point of view towards the South is different from Ellison’s point of view. Ellison was raised in the North and moved to the South to study music in Alabama. During the twentieth century the structures of the South changed in many ways. Even though both stories are based in social custom and culture of the South, both writer’s stories represent a different point of view of the South. Faulkner sees the South with respect while Ellison shows a South full of racial inequality.
In “A Rose for Emily” the theme is change and tradition, while on “Battle Royal” is racial inequality. In his short story, “A Rose for Emily,” William Faulkner intends to convey a message to his audience about the unwillingness in human nature to accept change and more specifically the secretive tendencies of aristocrats in the South during the early 20th century. In order to do this, Faulkner sets up a story in which he isolates and old aristocratic woman, Miss Emily, from her fellow townspeople and proceeds to juxtapose her lifestyle with…

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