A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essay

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Romance is something that everyone looks for. Some Americans will take it however they can get it. Someone can walk by and just talk about the word love and others will come to the person wanting to feel loved by someone. In “Hills like White Elephants” the main point is the one thing people who claim love don’t want to talk about. The girlfriend in the short story is pregnant and her boyfriend doesn’t want her to have the baby and asks for an abortion claiming that he will still love her and everything will go back to normal. In “A Rose for Emily” Emily is our main character, her fall was a general, who turned down all of the suitors who came and try to marry Emily. Emily ends up being alone and kills the man she claimed to love so much and sleeps next to his dead body till she dies. In both stories the main characters left lust for someone. The term ‘crazy in love’ is the spark of lust. People can do crazy things when they have the feeling of lust or love someone else. People do not think clearly about what it is their feeling and only want one thing when it comes to lust, but if it was love they would love everything about the person they are courting.
Social media plays a big part in how people view their thoughts of love. If someone doesn’t find love by the age of thirty when it is said that they will die alone. People often confuse love with lust. Many women find themselves pregnant with a child who is the result of lust not love. Since the child is the result of lust…

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