A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essay

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A rose for an Emily is a short story written by American author William Faulkner in a 1931. In the short story by Faulkner it tell the story of an old and isolated lady in her own time. Her strict and controlling dad died about thirty years ago. Her house grows into the most ugly looking house on the once prestige street in the town. It used to be nice and white, it was now filled with dust and decay. The people in Emily 's city talk about her and shame her lost personality or feeling. She starts to go out with a young single named homer, who is part of a does the sidewalks on her street. They start to take rides together and are closer than before, with all the interaction they were having with each other the townspeople start to talk and gossip about her more. A sudden change happened, no one sees Emily with homer as often anymore, and Emily is caught buying arsenic from the drug store. Out of nowhere no one sees homer, and unfortunately MS Emily dies at the age of seventy four .When Miss Emily dies the people who lived in her neighborhood go to her house and tear and open her upstairs room that had been closed or locked for forty years. Surprisingly, they find Homer the man she was with for a very long time, but also they find homer’s dead rotten body, and they also find a print of another person’s body beside him, and they also find a grey stand of hair. So what makes the short story so good and powerful? In this essay I will talk about how William Faulkner uses and…

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