A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essay

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Tony Wagner famously says, “Isolation is the enemy of improvement.” It is such an idea that William Faulkner portrays in his short story “A Rose for Emily,” published in 1930. Faulkner, born on September 25, 1897, is often seen using long lists of description and is well known for his poetry and novels set in the American South. During his time, Faulkner earned many awards such as The 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature, the 1955 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, and the National Book Award (Biography). Through the setting of the story, the symbolism the other characters display, and the irony in Emily’s actions, Faulkner illustrates the pitfalls of physical and mental isolation in “A Rose for Emily.”
In the short story “A Rose for Emily,” an unrevealed narrator who acts as the voice of the townspeople explains the peculiar life of a young woman named Emily Grierson. Emily’s father is known to be controlling, but when he unexpectedly dies, Emily begins to isolate herself from society. She then meets a Yankee road worker, Homer Barron, and the town begins to gossip that they are going to get married. Homer; unfortunately, likes his bachelor lifestyle and does not wish to marry Emily. Emily is later seen in town buying arsenic, and the townspeople gossip that she is going to kill herself. Homer Barron is never heard from again after this incident and is believed to have gone back North, leaving poor Emily behind. Emily’s anti-social habits resume in full bloom, and the town hears from her…

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