A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essays

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William Faulkner is perhaps one of the best writers in American literature. Having grown in the southern state Mississippi, Faulkner was influenced by the people and culture in his life, such as his grand father, William Clark Faulkner, and his mother and grand mother: whom taught him of the arts. Most of his work can be focused on the culture of the south. In “A Rose For Emily” we are giving a story of a women named Emily and is narrated by the people of the town. The story not only entertains the readers with the insane Miss Emily her self, but also of life in the south.
Miss Emily her self was shown to have been a mentally unhealthy. Miss Emily’s father kept her away from men who would have wanted to marry her. Keeping her isolated from society would have been a factor to her shyness to people. However, it was known that Miss Emily’s great- aunt was said to “had gone complete crazy at last” and “believed that the Griersons held themselves a little too high for what they really were”. Having family members to have been mentally insane and been isolated created her to not only be awkward to people but to also depended on a male figure. Once her father died, Miss Emily was in denial saying, “her father is not dead “ and had kept his dead body, until the ministers came and forced her to dispose of it. Having been depended by her father, Miss Emily then became clingy to Homer. Having bought him a toilet set in silver and a complete men’s outfit, Miss Emily would have wanted…

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