A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essay examples

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The ultimate goal of a young woman in the south was to find love and marry, that is if her father did not chase possible husbands away. Emily was an eccentric figure who changed from a joyful and vibrant child to a secretive and mentally ill woman. After her father’s death, she was lonely, as a result of him ensuring that she would never marry. Emily had to face her father driving away young men in town, who he believed were not good enough for her. In William Faulkner 's, “A Rose For Emily,” he uses the killing of Homer, old southern traditions, and Emily’s ego to show that she is desperate for love and enhance the overall meaning that Emily is unable to let go of the past, only preserve it. First and foremost, Despite his oppressiveness, it is when her father dies that Miss Emily is mentally declining. Being in shock from witnessing her father’s death, not being able to accept it, and observing her subsequent breakdown revealed her mental illness symptoms that have been latent. Immediately after the death of her father, the town women came to Miss Emily’s home to show sympathy, and they observed that she had “no trace of grief on her face” (Faulkner 3). Emily was unable to demonstrate appropriate affect, or emotion, for her father’s death, instead, insisted to the women that “her father was not dead” (Faulkner 3).She refused to permit his body to be removed until “she broke down” and the townspeople removed the body quickly before she could protest (Faulkner 3). Her…

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