A Rose For Emily By Andre Dubus Analysis

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Even though “A Rose for Emily,” written by William Faulkner and “Killings,” written by Andre Dubus, are written nearly a hundred years apart, the fictional pieces of works both strongly resemble the need for love, jealousy, and revenge. Miss Emily feels that she has a need for the love nearly every woman wants, but she love, revenge kills Homer to prevent him from leaving. Frank who was an innocent young adult is brutally murdered by a jealous ex-husband, of a woman Frank was dating. Frank’s dad, Matt Fowler, revenge kills Richard Strout, the jealous ex-husband. Faulkner’s and Dubus’ works express two different styles of writing and genre, but are very similar and different in their works of plot elements. However, their fictional pieces seem …show more content…
“A Rose for Emily” has been placed in the deep south; “anonymous grave of Union of Confederate soldiers who fell at the battle of Jefferson,” places the setting in Jefferson County, Mississippi (Faulkner 52). Dubus places “Killings” in Massachusetts; “Massachusetts has crazy laws,” indicating the state that the story is occurring in (Dubus 64). Some violent act of murder occurs in the plot of the stories. Faulkner is more Gothic and cynical with Miss Emily’s mode of killing. Miss Emily decided to use rat poison, arsenic. “When she [Miss Emily] opened the package at home there was written on the box, under skull and bones: ‘For Rats.’” The readers later discover that the “rat” is Homer Barron, Emily’s alleged lover (Faulkner 57). Being that Dubus’ “Killings” is in a more current setting, the mode of killing, automatic gun, is used to complete Matt’s and Richard’s “crime of passion.” “Strout came in the front door and shot Frank twice in the chest and once in the face with a 9 mm automatic (Dubus 65).” The readers are informed that Matt has been carrying a .38 automatic, illegally, to his nightly deposits; “just in case I see him, and there is some kind of a situation—(Dubus 63).” In “Killings,” the use of a gun, emotionally is more personal and more trying to use. Miss Emily gives Homer the poison. She could possibly forget about it as the two “lovers” carry on throughout, and Homer falls into a lethal sleep, forever. In contrast, Dubus uses the method of “in medias res.” Dubus starts the story with Instead, Faulkner’s method of flashback all throughout the story. The two pieces of fiction are frequently written with plot elements used. The stories might not make much sense if Faulkner and Dubus used the other’s styles of

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