A Rose For A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs Essay

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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is the story written by Harriet Jacobs, who, for her safety, called herself Linda Brent in the narrative. She was a slave girl born to a family of mulattoes. Harriet was taken as a slave after her mother passed away by her mother 's mistress. At the age of twelve her mistress passed away and her too happy days came to an end Harriet was given as the slave to her mistress sister 's daughter, where Mr. Flint came into her life and things started to turn bad. Mr flint forces her to have a sexual relationship with him but she refused it every single moment she was enslaved to him. Linda had two children, for whose safety she takes extreme majors to run away from her master and hides in the attic crawlspace in her grandmother’s house in hope that Mr. Flint will sell her children. Being confined to a small space leaves jacobs physically weak and disable. Soon she runs away to new york and finds work as a nanny. Still pressured by Mr flint she moves places in order to escape him. At last in the end, she is reunited with her children and brother and Mr bruce who she works for buys, Linda.
Harriet jacobs enjoyed a relatively happy family life considering she was a born slave, she had both parents with her in childhood days and a younger brother named William. Linda and William were close she loved her very much as a brother and William protected Linda and actively supports her quest for freedom. Her father was a carpenter and considered…

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