A Roman Tribune Essay

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A Roman tribune is defined as a Roman official whose task was to protect people against

oppression. The word tribune comes from the Latin word Tribunes, which means a person who

upholds or defends the rights of the people. Roman tribunes came about in the fifth century when

the republicans were controlled by patricians, who were the rich people, which caused problems

with the plebeians, who were the poor people. In 490, these two groups came together and

demanded political justice and rights. From that point on, the rebellion was called the plebs


They created an act called the 'anti-magistracy ' of the tribunes. Its purpose was to defend

the rights of the non-patricians. The tribunes were also chairmen of the people 's assembly. They

overlooked the election of the city workers and assisted the poor plebeians. In the third and

fourth centuries, when the conflict between the patricians and plebeians was over, the

responsibility of the tribunes changed. For example, the tribunes could organize a Senate

meeting and arrest people (Dowling).

The two most important groups of tributes were the tribunes of the plebes and military

tribunes. The Tribuni Plebis, known in English as Tribunes of the Plebs, were created in 494.

They were created in order to protect the plebeians against the actions of the senate, who were

patrician. Originally, there were five members in the college of tribunes then it was expanded to

ten members in 457, and…

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