A Rhetorical Analysis Of Suburb And Nothing Essay

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A Rhetorical Analysis on “Suburb or Nothing” in the Memphis Flyer What should the relationship be between the suburbs and the city? The very small editorial in the Memphis Flyer gives somewhat efficient details on the term “Suburb of Nothing” originated and quoted by Mayor Mick Cornett. The writer of the article in the Commercial Appeal’s, “Suburb of Nothing”, effectively argues his/her point via the use of organization, formal tone and appeals to authority. Doing so, the writer gives history, use of words like “Summons” (in quotation in his/her own words) to illustrate a dire need of attention, and uses statistics and citations when appealing to authority such as a political magazine. in the first paragrph, the structure of the argument on “Suburb of Nothing” is organized in a way of-the purpose of the article was to send a message while at the same time, announcing a hero in my opinion. According to the Memphis Flyer editorial, the opposing party in the short story would be a certain independent, adjacent, developed part of the mother city who feels the need to disaffiliate itself because of the lack of desire for the other parts. As I mention earlier, a “Summons’ to Memphis” luncheon was purpose on the Mayor Mick Cornett to come visit Memphis and help obtain his wisdoms on creating a unified environment within suburbia and the city, which is where his term “Suburb of Nothing” derives. The author of the editorial did a remarkable job just even mentioning such a…

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