A Rhetorical Analysis Of Olympic One Paint Magazine Advertisement

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Guaranteed for Real Life: A Rhetorical Analysis of Olympic One Paint Magazine Advertisement While flipping through this months Better Housekeeping Magazine, you are bound to find at least two or three paint advertisements. Many of these ads are simple with the main focus being the bright paint colors on a white or black background, accompanied by very few words. They are visually appealing, but provide very little rhetorical persuasion. How could an advertisement corporate logos, pathos, and ethos, as well as appealing to one specific audience, all while trying to sell a jar of paint? Olympic ONE strived to incorporate rhetorical appeals in their latest magazine advertisement for stain fighting paint, and although they effectively connected the demographic profile of the medium to the content of the ad, they failed to provide supporting evidence for their strong claim. A little kid in a onesie coloring with markers on a freshly painted wall; a parent’s worst nightmare. This is the scene that Olympic ONE portrays in its advertisement. This gives them the chance to show the audience why their paint is so different and special compared to other brands of paint. Olympic ONE claims that their Paint+Primer can withstand “real life,” meaning that the paint can handle kids and crayons because of its stain fighting power and “scrubbability.” This gives Olympic an advantage over other brands of paint and something to talk about in their ads. Olympic applies setting, appeal to…

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