A Review On Current Policing Practices Essay

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A Review of Current Policing Practices in Relation to Human Trafficking.
There are many policing practices and regulations in place regarding human trafficking. These are in place for the safety of those who have been a victim to this. Human trafficking is when a person or persons are trafficked between countries illegally. The National Crime Agency states that human trafficking ‘is the movement of a person(s) from one place to another into conditions of exploitation, using deception, coercion, the abuse of power or the abuse of someone’s vulnerability.’ (National Crime Agency, 2014) Not only does trafficking mean international crossing over the border, but a victim could also be trafficked within their own country also. Human trafficking is often seen as an organised crime, with many explanations as to why this happens. In particular, sexual exploitation, forced labour/domestic workers where victims are forced to work for long hours with barely any food or water, organ harvesting for transplants and also child trafficking are just some of the reasons. From researching prosecution policies on human trafficking, in section 25 Immigration Act 1971 it explains that there was an offense created of assisting unlawful immigration, more known as facilitation. This was substituted by section 143 Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act of 2002. This came into force on the 10th February 2003. From this act it extends the old facilitation provisions and now…

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