A Review And Reflection Of Agnes 's Jacket By Gail Hornstein Essay

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A Review and Reflection of Agnes’s Jacket by Gail Hornstein Evan Watters (2010), in his article, ‘The Americanization of Mental Illness’, describes how USA has exported mental illness to the world, he calls it "homogenizing the way the world goes mad” (para.1). Coupled with the constant expansion of the DSM and its diagnostic classifications, the pharmaceutical companies and the medicalization of psychiatry around the world, has greatly impacted how we approach mental health/ illness and its treatment. In Agnes’s Jacket, Psychologist Gail Hornstein sets out on a quest to (as her title states) search for the meaning of madness. After reading Agnes’s Jacket helped me to realize the huge disjuncture between what I thought I was getting into with studying Psychology; to help people, and then coming to terms with what actually goes on in the interaction, as in engaging with patients, within the helping professions. It made me think about how, much of the work done in the field (Psychology/ Psychiatry), can actually oppress or marginalize people, which is devastating. It allowed for me to really think about how I want to approach my practicing of Psychology; to not be a part of this despotism. Agnes’s Jacket, despite the book title, did not spend much time preoccupied with the life of Agnes Richter or her iconic jacket for that matter. Hornstein notes however, that Agnes,
“pieced together the jacket from ripped-up hospital uniforms and then stabbed the intricate text into the…

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