A Resume On Business Analytics Essay

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A Career in Business—Business Analytics

Business Analytics (BA) is a burgeoning field which has been created to bridge a communication gap between Business and Information Technology. A career as a business analyst is a fulfilling career goal for me because it will exercise my ability to solve problems by utilizing Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Management skills for any organization. In this informative essay I will demonstrate why I am interested in Business Analytics, describe what Business Analytics is, explain the education and experience requirements, and identify what opportunities there are for me to succeed in the field of Business Analytics.
Business analysis interests me because I naturally seek to understand how things are designed, how they function and how I can improve them. Information Technology is vitally important to business and organizational functions, without this important component as an integral piece of their business processes they would fail to keep pace with the business world. As a Business Analyst, I hope to assist and guide people and organizations to achieve their goal by using specialized techniques and recommendations, specifically through the appropriate use of IT resources. I plan to combine my interest in business process management with my interest in IT to align problems with opportunities using learned management techniques and computer software.
Business Analytics is a wide ranging field of study and the name…

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