Essay on A Restaurant With Five Star Rating

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A seafood restaurant with five-star rating in Yelp could be meaningless unless you actually go there and try some dishes. Also, even though you heard that lobsters are the best in the restaurant, shrimps could be much better.
Three years ago, I went to New Port in California to watch whales in Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, there was no any whale I could find, so all I did for an hour was just waiting and looking for the sea creature to be seen, standing on the boat. I came back to home with a huge disappointment, wondering why there was no whale that day. I was in the same boat in high school, drifting to find what I really want to do, looking into the dark and calm ocean. To get into a prestigious school in Korea, I used to focus on motivating myself to study, thinking I knew exactly what I want to do in the future. I became comfortable when I was sitting in front of the desk for long hours, and accumulating hours of volunteer services made me proud, as I thought I was getting closer to bigger achievement. However, I could never make results I was longing for. The narrower I focus on my dream, ironically, the smaller the size of my dream became. It became more vague, and I could never reach into it. Why was I so focused on whales that day? My boat passed by many beautiful beach houses on the land, and there were bunch of adorable baby earless seals to be seen. I could turn my eyes to them, but I did not. While I was in schools, I was so focused and thought I was going to…

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