A Research Study : Velma Hale Cdte Faculty At Dine College Essay

1033 Words Oct 8th, 2015 null Page
Velma Hale CDTE faculty at Dine College graduated from Northern Arizona University with Master’s Degree and a former professor in the Ethnic Studies department at NAU. Velma Hale is promoting schools and teachers to include a culturally relevant curriculum in the lessons, units, and activities. Hale states (2014), Studies shown and proven native students outperform non-speakers over time (p. 5). The article relates to the Dine (Navajo) language and culture loss through schooling and how it continues to hinder our learning of the core subjects. The pre-service teachers need to change that by aligning their lessons to the Dine standards. According to Hale (2014), “We must see how the normed scores from state-mandated tests have systemically enticed contemporary Navajos to choose mastery of Western concepts over their indigenous concepts” (p. 8). Our Dine culture and language is slowly becoming extinct due to schools assimilating us into the white dominant society’s expectations. Our culture is rooted to the land our mother earth which we’ve always had that agreement mother would take care of us we take care of her. Once we begin losing our language we lose our culture because our culture is embedded into oral communication and we lose our identities. When students attend the schools many of them struggle today with self-identity due to loss of cultural knowledge. That why teachers need to change the way they’ve been taught when they attended school. Teachers need to…

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