A Research Study On The Interviews Essay

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For this experiment, I conducted interviews with four individuals who had been divorced. One of which was male, three of which were female. All interviewees were over the age of forty. Two had subsequently remarried after their divorces, while two remain single. Prior to beginning the interviews, I asked each of them for permission to record them for the purpose of this paper. Only one individual granted me permission to do so, which surprised me. The other three stated that they would simply feel more comfortable and able to talk more openly if they were not being recorded. Out of respect for their wishes, I instead took notes on my laptop. I was a bit worried that my looking down at a computer screen during the interviews would come across as cold and cut off, but I am a much faster typer than I am writer. I assumed that I would be able to get much more information recorded by typing. The interviews included a variety of questions revolving around different aspects of relationships. My goal was to find similarities between interviews and draw conclusions as potential causes for divorce.
The first question I asked was regarding finances and how finances were discussed within the marriage. I was interested as to what extent each couple had discussed finances owing to the fact that finance is the leading cause of fights among couples (Mendenhall et al, 2016). One individual cited finances as a typical cause of conflict due to low income, stating that there never seemed to be…

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