A Research Study On The Field Of Anthropology And Sociology Essay

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For my particular project, I will rely heavily on peer-reviewed secondary research by scholars in the field of anthropology / sociology who have undertaken similar studies across the nation, but also my own gathered data from on-site personal interviews. My secondary research strategy is comprised of searching through academic publisher sites for relevant, peer-reviewed, and valid scholarly articles. My methodological approach will begin by addressing secondary research on topics of ethnic enclaves, ESL, language disparities / discrimination, daily rounds, and comparative sociolinguistics. This research will lend a practical understanding of the ‘day-to-day’ (“daily round”) in an ESL speaker’s life. Furthermore, it will aid in my formulation of research questions and the redefining of research strategies while gathering my data on-site.
The definition of “discrimination” may be understood in a multitude of ways, yet for my purposes, this treatment inflicted upon individuals, is seen as ‘the unjust or prejudicial treatment and perception of non-native speakers (either verbally or actively denying service) - focused mainly by reasons of their English proficiency - as these individuals navigate their daily lives.’ My aim is to understand mistreatment of local ethnic language minorities, utilizers of ESL, and why or how their lack of access to ‘standard’ or ‘proficient’ English impacts their lives in this English-speaking country (and city of Memphis). Whereby I have the…

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