A Research Study On The Cloud Based Digital Platform Essay

1396 Words Jun 23rd, 2016 null Page
This book study came together in the most natural of ways and under the best direction that the group could propel. This motley crew of academics have a history together that allows them to be frank and short whilest only being considered to be honest and upright and not harsh or rude. Not only has happenstance driven us serendipitously together in a group but also selected a book that fits the modus operandi of said group. It can not be overlooked that these bedfellows of academic study seek to operate under those very conditions that Daniel H. Pink touts in this work. The book itself possessed a certain context that made the reading somewhere between enjoyable and less of a chore. After each member of the group painstakingly read every dot and tittle of the text, it was only then that the collaboration began. First, informally in another class where we discussed the macro concepts of the book. Next we sought to collaborate and build on each other 's ideas through the cloud based digital platform know as Google Drive. This platform allowed us to communicate through email and delve simultaneously into the same document. We then proceeded to specialize and direct the different parts of this assignment and individually control each their own part. The assignment came together as if each of us had some innate biological desire to finish it. Mr. Richard Orr was the catalyst and the most driven off our group, his leadership was simply phenomenal. He single…

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