A Research Study On The Animals At Brevard Zoo And Four Children Each Diagnosed With Autism

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Participants, Settings, and Materials
The participants of the study will consist of four spider monkeys housed at Brevard Zoo and four children each diagnosed with autism located at a local autism treatment center. All participants will have had no prior experiences with both color identification or match-to sample paradigm training to ensure that this study will be their first exposure to these tasks. Additionally, the human participants will consist of individuals who are unable to vocally communicate the colors that they can perceive. Therefore, the only way the therapist can know the colors that the child can correctly identify is via the participant’s accuracy in responding because of the match-to sample paradigm teaching. Lastly, to match the sample of participants housed at the zoo, the human participants will consist of two males and two females. Moreover, since the ages of the monkeys range so drastically and the focus of the study is color identification specifically with children with Autism, age will not be taken into consideration in this study.
The nonhuman animals of the study will consist of four spider moneys two females and two males. The ages of the monkeys range from 1-25 years with the average age being 12.8 years. Additionally, all research procedures will receive Institutional Review Board approval and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee approval, as well as approval from Brevard Zoo.
The materials of the study will consist of three…

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