A Research Study On Stroke Patients Essay

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Stroke Patients Receive Amazing Results After Stem Cell Medical Trials

According to a recent study and trial performed at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo, Alto, California, stroke patients are regaining movement, talking capabilities, and feeling, when injected with stem cells directly to the damaged area of their brain. 

While researchers are being overly cautious not to deem these results as definitive proof to a cure for stroke patient’s, preliminary research suggests that injecting adult stems cells directly into the brain may give stroke patients a new shot at recovery long after their stroke occurred. Study lead author Dr. Gary Steinberg, chair of neurosurgery at SUSM stressed that "This isn 't the first stem cell trial for stroke, and we 're in the early phase, with only 18 patients. But after injecting stem cells directly into the brain of chronic stroke patients, we were blown away," he said. While Steinberg is enthusiastic about the results he is cautioning that they "don 't want to oversell this.” "These were patients who had significant motor deficits for six months or more,” “People who had a hard time moving their arm or leg, or walking. People for whom we have no real treatment. But after the injections we saw improvement in all 18 patients, as a group, within a month. Within days some were lifting their arms over their head. Lifting their legs off their bed. Walking, when they hadn 't in months or years. The results were very exciting."…

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