A Research Study On Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem cell research has been a topic of interest since 1956. In that year, the first bone marrow transplant was performed by Dr. E Donnall Thomas in the state of New York. The patient had received radiotherapy and then received a bone marrow transplant from an identical twin that then cured the patient’s leukemia. Four years later, Researchers had made extreme advancements in the discovery of bone marrow and its contents. They found there is at least two kinds of stem cells that are present in bone marrow. From here on, researchers continued to find different locations of stem cells and the function of them. They continued the advancement within the research of stem cells in hopes to treat multiple types of disease and create new and improved organs (Timeline for Stem Cell Research). There are many disease and conditions that have the potential to be cured with stem cells. That is the reason why this type of research should be expanded, so that we can gain a better grip on the abilities that these cells have, to then make patients’ lives better without pain and begin to use this method more within the medical field.
Developing stem cell-based therapy has great potential to save many people’s lives. There is a lot more work that goes into stem cell research than the alternative options. Clinical trials are crucial and enable one to compare the results with the long-term outcome of the alternative treatment options. These are meant to be replacement or regenerative therapies,…

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