Essay on A Research Study On Social Science Research

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Organizations gather information from a wide range of sources to better the marketing mixes of their expansive companies. Social science research is one of the methods of information gathering and is defined as- the study of individual or collective behaviors of people in groups, companies, and societies. Social science research seeks to explain social phenomena, and to build a knowledge base that can be used for marketing purposes by companies. The primary method of this type of research begins with a hypothesis, then the scientists compile set questionnaires in order to gather data, then analyze it. There are high degrees of error in this field of study due to a wide range of factors associated in each stage of the research process. These factors of error can be broadly categorized into two areas, non- observation errors, and observation errors. Non-observation errors consist of 4 main subcategories, coverage, non-response, random sampling errors, and sampling biases. Observation errors include; measurement errors, response order effects, interviewer effects, and social desirability biases. This paper will dive into these subcategories of error, and provide in depth analysis of each of these issues social scientist must overcome in order to produce the most accurate, precise data for their research.
The first type of non-observation error this paper will analyze is called coverage error. This error occurs due to the lack of representation of the population in the sampling…

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