Essay on A Research Study On Research

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The first chapter in the book focuses on the purpose of research, outlining skills of research, and discusses the phases of research. The purpose of research in social work is to increase knowledge, and to employ evidence based practice in practice. Research requires a host of skills that is not just limited to theoretical knowledge, although that is important as well. Effective research requires practice and is not just developed by reading the literature on the process (Verhoeven, 2008, p. 18). This chapter also explains the parts of research and the different approaches of research. The different approaches are qualitative and quantitative. In order to begin the research process, a research topic has to be chosen to begin the data collection. Chapter two in the required book concentrates on the research design, and explains how to choose a topic and collect data. Research topics can be chosen for many reasons such as educational purpose, or client specification, or to extend the knowledge of a field (Verhoeven, 2008, p. 44). For the purpose of this research the student was allowed to consider what topics were most interesting and contemplate the areas of this topic that need exploration. College students and their alcohol use were chosen as a topic to further examine. The next step outline in chapter two is data collection, which consists of locating information on the chosen topic from sources such as the internet, and library where journal articles and books can be…

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