Essay on A Research Study On Research Design

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Research Design
In the past few weeks, this author has identified a research problem that involves Registered Representatives (RR) complying with Governmental Regulations in regard to personal finances and the proper handling of security trading. Now that the researcher has discovered the problems/issues, it is now time to develop strategies for data collection, which measurement instruments to use, how the data sampling is to be collected and how the researcher will prove whether or not the date collected is valid and reliable. The development of strategies when conducting research studies is important to proving the research hypothesis accuracy and also highlight any issues or concerns in regard to how RR’s are conducting business and personal transactions.
Because the researcher is attempting to understand the root of the problem; the reasoning why RR’s may not be adhering to the set guidelines and to measure the incidences where non-compliance occurs, it is necessary to conduct a research using mixed methods. The qualitative and quantitative research methods will suffice to satisfy the research hypothesis question: The misunderstanding/misinterpretation of the general reporting guidelines and lack of self-disclosure are the root of XYZ’s non-compliance with the SEC regulations (Dowdell, 2015, para 5). The best method will be to use the sequential mixed research method. As one can see from the above chart using the Sequential Mixed Design method captures both…

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