A Research Study On ' Remembering Past Media Use On The Development Of A Lifetime Television Exposure Scale '

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1) Theory
Cultivation Theory
Riddle, K. (2010). Remembering past media use: Toward the development of a lifetime television exposure scale. Communication Methods and Measures,4(3), 241-255.
Hypotheses/Research Questions
In the article, “Remembering past media use: Toward the development of a lifetime television exposure scale”, hypotheses are outwardly stated. There are two hypotheses used in this article i.e.
“H1: There will be a positive relationship between lifetime television exposure and social reality beliefs about violence” (pg, 243).
“H2: The LTE scale will be a better predictor of social reality beliefs about violence than existing television exposure measures focusing on current viewing levels” (pg, 243).
Method used
This article used Survey method. LTE scale is used in this article.
Summary of findings
This paper presents a first step toward the growth of a self-report measurement of life TV exposure stages. The consequences of the represent article propose there perhaps some value in evaluating childhood television watching stages in prospect cultivation research. This article used cultivation theory. The LTE scale used to examine cultivation effects as well measures of present exposure proposes that there is actually something significant that happened throughout childhood in lights of the structure of social reality values and beliefs. The concept of the effect of cultivation received the status of a hypothesis, not a formal theory of Media…

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