A Research Study On Relationship Management Essay

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Relationship management
Relationship management is illustrated by ones ability to encourage others to achieve both individual goals as well as shared goals (Ealias & George, 2012). Moreover, emotionally intelligent leaders are able to impart transformational influence over a group of individuals (Sadri, 2012). Therefore, emotionally intelligent nurse leaders need to “connect with followers, communicate a sense of purpose in work and establish influential relationships with others” (Roussel et al., 2016, p.71). Obtaining buy-in from staff members and other departments is one of the most valuable skills a nurse manager can posses. Increasing pressure to improve outcomes, decrease costs, enhance patient safety, and boost the quality of care can generate a swarm of new initiatives at both the unit and organizational level. Nurse leaders must therefore play an active part to combat change fatigue whilst pursuing organization vision.
Examination of self-awareness As a nurse with 7 years of nursing experience and over 16 years of experience in healthcare, I can honestly say I have never examined my EI. Although I have at times thought about how I reacted in a particular situation I have not analyzed why I reacted in a particular way. Personally I feel that I am fairly aware of my emotions. I am committed, invested, and passionate about what I do in my personal and professional life. I yearn to excel in my duties and I like others to see me as a smart, innovative, and reliable…

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