A Research Study On Regenerative Medicine Essay examples

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Regenerative Medicine Regeneration is not a new idea at all, lizards have been doing it for thousands of years! According to BioMedCentral.com, Aristotle observed a lizard regenerating its tail in 330 BC (Jessop). However, lizards are not the only animals capable of regenerating a lost or damaged appendage; Zebrafish can regrow a lost fin or even a heart, newts and other amphibians can regrow entire limbs, starfish can regrow their entire body from just a single limb, and a deer can regenerate its antlers (Vezina). How amazing would it be if humans had this ability too? By studying these animals, scientists are trying to figure out how to alter human DNA to enable us to repair or regrow our own cells, tissues and organs as well. Regenerative Medicine has gained momentum as a field of study over the years starting with the use of transplantation in the 1950s, the discovery of stem cells in the 1960s and now scientists and researchers are zeroing in on ways to replace or regrow organs and tissue, as well as completely cure genetic diseases in humans using our own genetically altered DNA. It sounds like something right out of a science fiction movie but it is getting much closer and in some instances, has already happened. With the aging population and increase in chronic diseases in the world today, the focus has shifted from palliative treatments to curative treatments. Research and findings in the field of Regenerative Medicine have the potential to change…

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