Essay on A Research Study On Quality

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1. Introduction

In this introduction chapter the problem area will be presented as well as the purpose, scope and limitations with this research. It starts with a background to the problem by giving a brief presentation from literature on the topic together with an introduction to the case company and the objectives for this master thesis. To direct and focus the area if research a problem analysis is presented, leading on to the chosen research questions.

1.1 Background

Quality can be defined as a product’s or service’s ability to satisfy or preferably exceed customer needs and expectations (Bergman & Klevsjö, 2010). Focusing on quality has been a success factor in companies for many years, resulting in better products, services and cost savings. Today´s global economy together with rapidly changing markets is putting pressure on companies to focus on quality, continuously improve and strive for organizational excellence. On top of this competition is increasing and regulations are getting tougher.

As organizations grow, operations and processes easily become inert and harder to control. A way for companies to manage quality improvements and ensure compliance is to implement quality management systems (QMS). A QMS is defined by the International Organization for Standardization (2005) as “A management system to direct and control an organization with regards to quality”, and is often made up of processes and rules for how to behave according to requirements…

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