A Research Study On Psychology Essay

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Psychology is the basis of how humans respond and interpret information. When going into certain careers, having many psychology courses along with your major degree is a requirement. Having the knowledge of how the body functions and what causes it to react the way it does can not only help out professionals but benefit the patients as well. For example, in becoming a physical therapist there are requirements to take psychology classes to help the students learn more than just the physical stature of the body. If a physical therapist can understand the reasoning behind injuries and what their patient was going through, then the recovery will be more effective and guaranteed. According to assumption.edu, studying psychology to prepare for graduate studies in physical therapy creates a solid foundation for a future health professional, one that combines both communication and scientific understanding. Psychology courses tend to lay the groundwork for some of the in-depth neurological aspects of PT school.
In the field of physical therapy a mental approach to recovery is just as important as physical recovery. When examining patients to develop a plan of treatment having the knowledge of knowing their reasoning behind the injuries can help the physical therapist not only help them recover but to be positive there is nothing neurologically wrong as well. Being able to apply psychological knowledge in the clinical practice of physical therapy is a challenge. According to…

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