Essay A Research Study On Psychology Course

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In psychological studies, the sample of participants is often comprised of college students completing a required for their introduction to psychology course. The point during the semester when the student completes the required studies is up to the student, and some fulfill the requirement quickly, while others wait until closer to the end of the term. The study conducted by Harber and colleagues investigated whether differences in time perspective, the process in which a person automatically thinks of experiences in terms of the future, present, or past, influenced when a student signed up for a study. They went on to further investigate whether students who were future-oriented were more likely to complete longitudinal studies than present-oriented students were. Harber et al. was also interested in whether or not the personal attributes associated with present- and future-oriented students would influence results of studies. Their results supported their hypothesis that future-oriented students, futures, were more likely to participate in studies in the beginning of the term and present-oriented students, presents, were more likely to participate in studies in the latter part of the term. Additionally, future-oriented students were more likely to complete all requirements for longitudinal studies.
Harber et al.’s research consisted of two studies. The first of these studies tested the hypothesis that a student’s time orientation would influence when during the…

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