Essay on A Research Study On Professional Education

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"Professional education is sorely needed in the developing world, but equally important is the capacity to integrate knowledge, to nurture critical thinking and ethical sensitivity and to advance interdisciplinary teaching and research," said humanitarian, His Highness the Aga Khan. These words resonate with me and are the center of my core values towards higher education and research because both are necessary for self-growth and disseminating knowledge to others. As a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, my research, academic, and work experience led me to discover my passion for education. I aim to incorporate the psychosocial research I conducted in various labs and my involvement in extracurricular activities to provide a well-established understanding of the important aspects of educating young children.
At the University of Texas at Austin, I worked as a research assistant for one and a half years under Dr. Cristine Legare in the Cognition, Culture, and Development (CCD) Lab, examining the development of imitation and social learning across cultures. During my time in the CCD Lab, I recruited participants at the Austin Children’s Museum and through the Children’s Research Lab, collected behavioral data, and coded and transcribed videos. I also edited papers submitted for publication, analyzed data with SPSS, and researched study stimuli. I developed ideas for research projects, explored scholarly articles relevant to research questions, cultivated…

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