Essay about A Research Study On Operative Management

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Our search strategy initially yielded 904 articles out of which 614 were excluded as those dealt either with fractures other than the scapula fractures or other unrelated topics on the scapula. Further, there were 91 case reports, 11 case series with less than 7 patients, 12 articles describing operative approach to scapula, 19 reviews, 3 studies investigating the causes and incidence of scapular fractures and 39 articles without an abstract. The duplications, letters to the editor, fractures of scapula following reverse shoulder and articles on floating shoulder (124 articles) were excluded.
32 studies met the inclusion criteria, of these two were systematic reviews and one was a meta-analysis (only dealing with operative management), the other 29 articles were all case series (EBM level 4) (Figure 1). A majority of the included studies were retrospective studies (20) but there were 8 studies prospective case series and one cohort study (Table 2). These studies were used for the collation of evidence. There was a meta- analysis and 2 systematic reviews, which we used to check the completeness of our included studies. The total number of patients included in our systematic review 1237 (1329 fractures).
Complete data were available only in 941 patients, who underwent either conservative (629) or operative management (512) for scapular fractures. The base line demographics are presented in the Table 2. The age at presentation range from 3 years to 85 years (Average 29.2…

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